Stacey Banks

Stacey Banks is a twenty - one year old model and actress. She comes from an Italian, Native as well as African-American (Virginia) heritage. She was born in British-Columbia and comes from a large family of four brothers and herself. From a very young age she demonstrated an interest in music as well as creativity and artistry. She practiced song, dance, acting, poetry and a love for many musical instruments. However her passion was to always get into modeling.
After a divorce at the tender age of nine, her mother as well as younger brother moved to Toronto, Ontario where they started living their new life with visitations back to their parent’s birthplace Nova Scotia. Though there were many trials and struggles in her and her family’s life, they did their best to keep a strong bond.


At the age of 17 she started merging herself into the entertainment industry and at the age of 18 she began to take her passion seriously. Now Stacey Banks currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where she dedicates her life to the art of modeling while remaining professional and humble at all times. She’s participated in many video shoots and photo shoots and now is merging into further in the industry as an event planner, actress, Hostess and promoter. She also wants to further herself by advocating for abused and battered women/children as well as hold seminars dedicated to young women dealing with self worth issues.


Stacey continues to grow and promised her and supporters to stay humble and focused. She has had numerous doubters as well as regular “haters” but instead of knocking her down she still continues to rise over the entire negative to accomplish a positive for her. Alongside with her intelligence and great faith in God, she is able to accomplish all of her goals and receive great things.

Appearances In Print/Web/Videos - MISS SEXY-Website, Flyness by Rico NY E spot book cover, Roin Kwala Parka site, Black Rose ENT - Flyer, Diamond Dreams paperback/website, Hershey center - Chris brown's opening dancer, Swag City Boys - Best Sex, Harvey Stripes ft Max b - P.A.I.D, J. Jones - Whisper in Your ear, J.Noble - After that, Big Page - Video shoot.

Name: Stacey Banks




Height: 5'4




Measurements: 34-27-38




Hair Color: Dark Brown




Eye Color: Dark Brown




Ethnicity: Italian, Native, African-American, Residing from Nova Scotia  



Facebook: Stacey Lee Banks



Interests: I love to dance, Reading, Learning new things, Photo shoot, Video shoots, Clubbing, Working, Making money 


Favorite Food/Drink: Any type of Italian food and Cream soda  


What you look for in a guy: Determination, Ambition, Honesty and Respect


Turn ons and turn offs: Turn ons - Perfect white teeth, Tattoos, Height, Swag and Intelligence - Turn offs - B.O., Ignorance,Deceit


Favorite Music/Artists & Movies: Max B, Aaliyah, Pink, Tupac, Mary j. Blidge, Styles P, Jadakiss Antyhing RnB, Hip-hop and Pop, Movies - Scarface, Romeo must die, Godfather 2, Menace to Society, Boys in da hood, the wood, Save the last dance.


Talents: Sing, Dance, Draw, Creating make-up and Hair designs, Play numerous musical instruments


Astrological sign: Aquarius, February 11th, 1990





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