The First Official Must See Movie Of 2010 {Dracula Review}

And saving the best for last, Here to crissin in Dracula's 1000th post
and also ending Back By Popular Demand Pt.II we got the review for
2010's Official First Must See Movie. Once you leave the theater you'll
be thinking in dept about what you just witnessed for 118 minutes.
Same goes for yall bootleggers out there.. Try and support Denzel
and reach the theaters if it's in your budget. The popular
IMDB {Internet Movie Data Base} website rated it 7.6/10

The movie touches on alot of biblical views and has to be one of Denzel's
toughest roles thus far in his career. Now that we know what IMDB thought
about the footage, let's check out what others thought as well. Dracula will
drop his rating soon as well.

Box Office Magazine
Post-apocalyptic action for the Bible belt.
Chicago Sun-Times
I'm at a loss for words, so let me say these right away, "Book Of Eli" is very watchable.
Entertainment Weekly
The clouds are gray, the scorched earth is gray, and the age old nuclear ash falling
from the sky is gray.

San Francisco Chronicle
As for Washington, not every actor can play humanity's best and only hope but he can
and does.. not a small thing.

The Screening Log
Boast strong technical aspects but falls a bit short in the story department.
Either the apocalypse is coming soon or Hollywood is kind of over-preparing.
If you don't mind the promotion of extreme measures resulting from blind faith,
then you should show thanks to "The Book Of Eli".

Washington's Eli is ultimately too confined by the man-of-few-words movie norms he's saddled with.

WhoisGSX's Own Dracula
Footage was off the chain. Denzel bringing his usual A game to the big screen.
Mila kunis has a good role in the film. Overall rating... easily 9/10. Nice way
to kick off the new year with a new Denzel movie following avatar.

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Comment by Dracula on January 29, 2010 at 2:33pm
Deep S#*% right there but I hear you Faye
People need to really go check this footage
You said it best.. It's more than just watching a movie
Comment by TerinaFaye on January 29, 2010 at 2:27pm
The book of Eli was honestly such a beautiful movie.
The spirtual aspect was so touching and really moved me.
Not to mention, Denzel was absolutely brilliant as always.
I left the theatre feeling like i gained valuable knowledge.
It was more than just watching a was an experience.
I love that !
Comment by Dracula on January 19, 2010 at 1:51am
Respect Xpress, what you think about the footage?

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