Playtime is Over - Lil Kim x Nicki Minaj: Part 1 - 5 (Video)

If anyone has been properly following the ongoing dispute/beef/misunderstanding between the legend and member of Hip-Hop royalty and the current trend leader in female hip-hop Nicki Minaj, you would know that there is alot of confusion and missing information into how the dispute started and why there is so much animosity especially on Lil Kim's part. From here it sounds like She's so bitter right? Nicki has sited her as inspiration and always pays homage so why is Lil Kimmad?


Well the answer might be a little more deep routed than you once originally thought. According to multiple stories just before Nicki got with Cash Money officially, Kim was over there about to do a joint venture with Baby and Slim (Cash Money owners). She made a song in which Nicki Minaj collaborated with her on and they released it on itunes
(the song in question)


to show the veteran linking up with the new blood as a passing of the baton. According to Kim after a short period of time, she didn't hear from Baby and co and the song was removed off of itunes and his album(Birdman's). They completely shut her out and before you knew it Nicki Minaj was coming out doing a lot of things like Kim as if they realized they would rather create their own copy instead of only having piece of the original. Outlandish? perhaps.


I would like to present some interesting information however that i would like everyone to be aware of. Its not to make you hate/love lil kim or hate/love Nicki because irrespective of how this all went down, they are both talented artists. Its actually shit like this that makes female Hip-Hop hault. But anyway there is a 5 part interesting series put together by some very dedicated Lil Kim fans (AuntDot 917) that i think you should watch. Obviously some of it is propaganda (you'll know which parts) but alot of it will kind of give you an insight on where Kim has gotten some of the reasoning for her thoughts on why this will probably never be "resolved".

P.S before you watch all of these, i suggest you watch Lik Kim's interview on the Breakfast Club first because it kind of sets up what you will watch in these clips, i suggest true Hip-Hop heads and fans do just that.

If you think you've heard enough from her about it then just watch the clips of . Playtime Is Over Below. Remember this video is just to inform, not change your opinions but one thing kim said in the breakfast club that i appreciate, you have to know all the facts of whats going on or you will get your Hip-Hop cards pulled lol. Enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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