Ever been in the car, sitting on the beach, or just hanging out with a cold one in hand while listening to the radio, & flipping through the airwaves trying to find a song that compliments your surrounding? If your lucky, you'll stumble on 'CreekStreet'.
From the depths of Wallaceburg, Ontario these fellas have got that fair-spoken musical talent to coinside with the good vibration you were hoping to come across.
Get to know CreekStreet more in depth by reading
an interview I had the pleasure of having
with lead singer,Craig Laur.


Why music?     

We play music because we love it. Its' a lifestyle now. We love it because of the people, listening and feeling our music is more than enough credibility for us to keep playing.
But,on a more personal side we love music because it allows us to express ourselves, tell our story, and  also connect with the people listening. Music is one part of us that will never go away.

Your musical style in 3 words?     

Honest. Heart-felt. Catchy.     


Your biggest musical inspirations are?     

Some of our biggest musical inspirations are:
John Mayer, Rob Thomas, Norah Jones and those are just the few we grew up listening to.     


Do you write all your own lyrics?


If you could play with any one artist you're a fan of living or dead whom would it be and why?

If we had to pick one artist to play with, it would have to be The Dave Mathews band due to their overall musical talents, charisma, and song writing ability. We feel,as a band, that we could learn alot from them.


Listen to their music here :


Check them out on their Facebook page:


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