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WhoisLexusTurner? She Sexy She Beautiful She Right Here.

Where have all the models been? I have been asked countless times and the truth is we been re formatting the site. We thank everyone; the models and the fans for being so patient with…


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Melanie Fiona 4am

Check out my home girl Melanie Fiona's latest 4am. She is so talented and very sexy I would love to work with her. I am just saying :) (O)…


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WhoisCelyaMirians????? All I can Say is DAMNNNNN!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman you need to get ready for this Exotic Entertainer who is planing to take over the whole GTA. Stay tuned for her feature coming soon to in the mean time take in the video and try to keep your mouth closed! I couldnt lol. (O)

Follow her too on twitter: @CelyaMirians…


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Shaun Boothe ft. STS '123' (official video)

Download The Waiting Room Right Here!…


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PG - Free

I love her voice. Support the Toronto music scene and take in voices like PG on this track called FREE. There are a lot of talented RnB singers out here and PG is one of those special ones. I just took it in the other day and its about time I put it up and share with



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Tuzzy (2 Z) - P.A.R.T.Y. ( OFFICIAL VIDEO )

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WhoisStaceyBanks? The Italian, Native, African American BombShell...

The Wait is over..... is proud to welcome Stacey Banks to our world and to display her to everyone who visits…


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Jay Darae - Racks

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2011 Stylus Awards

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6 TEN "MONEY ON MY MIND" Produced by Mega Men

Check out the new video from Toronto artist called 6Ten, Produced by Mega Men. Check out some of the hot models making they cameos in the video counting that bread including WhoisGSX model Stacy… Continue

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Salez - Headlock

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The Anniversary: Friday March 25th 2011 TONIGHT @ Pacha Lounge iPullNUMBERS in FULL EFFECT!

Be there at Pacha Lounge tonight and party and celebrate the anniversary  of iPullnumbers, Platinumtouch and Highclass. They are gonna shut it down so don't miss out if you looking for somewhere to party this… Continue

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WhoisAshleyG? Well Wouldn't You Like 2 Know :)

Ladies and Gentleman its time to stop what ever it is you was doing and pay close attention. RIGHT NOW! The next beautiful model that is bringing right to your pc your laptop…


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Raptors Slap Up Pistons AGAIN!!

Is this a little roll the Raptors are on. I don't know but if they can some how some way keep this energy up and this style of play maybe just maybe we can be in the play offs this year..... lets go… Continue

Added by Joey Black on December 27, 2009 at 10:00pm — 2 Comments

RAPTORS BLOW OUT PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This team hasnt won in Detriot since 2003 DAMNNNNNNNNNNN... That is a long time check out the highlights.....

Keep it up Raptors I swear keep this shit… Continue

Added by Joey Black on December 24, 2009 at 1:43am — No Comments

Raptors grind out win against the Wolves....

Damn they struggled.. damn they pissed me off... but at the end of the day they won i guess that is what counts…

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Raptors CRUSH Pacers... Highlights Right HERE..123-112..

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JUZD Product Model " VERONIKA LONDON " - The Megan Fox Of Hollywood North

Hey whats going on again world. Its Mr. Oh reporting for duty bringing you yet again another sexy model to the world. This time we are honored to introduce to you the Megan Fox of Hollywood North. She is the beautiful, the talented, the Mexico City born, Toronto raised Latin "Femme Fatale" Ms. Veronika London. This young model/actress is tearing up the game right now: having a spread with Maxim, playing the leading lady in music… Continue

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