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Oshaun - Fix It (Official Video)

GSXMMXIII - To Bring in the New Year Oshaun and the team take us to what looks like a post December 21st that went the other way fast lol. But set in "apocaliptia" where no one is to be trusted, things fall apart and the question is being begged "Can You Fix it ?, Can You Fix It ?" Watch the Xpress x S.Scott directed…


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Staasia Daniels ft. Oshaun - M.I.A Remix (Official Video)

GSX Music's Staasia Daniels teams up with Oshaun to revamp the Omarion and Wale collaboration off of Self Made Vol.2/Care Package ep. Set outside near the docks and shot by all of GSX, They both offer perspectives on love going missing and needing it back over the Beat Bully Produced instrumental. Enjoy!…


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Haley Small ft. Oshaun - This Christmas (Official Video)

Its that wonderful time of the year and the super talented voice that is Haley Small has collaborated with GSX Music's Oshaun for a spin on a classic Christmas song (which in fact is one of the newer of the classic christmas tunes 1970) from Donnie Hathaway.

Check out as they have fun in a Canadian forest barren from snow but still embodies the christmas spirit. Record produced by Cxleb…


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Tamara Madison x Savanna Re - "Geet Weh" (Official Video)

Toronto R&B artists Savanna Re and Tamara Madison collaborate together with producer GMF for a soulful Reggae-fusion record entitled "Geet Weh". Being from the islands you will understand but it means Give it Away for the rest of ya. Directed by Kevin…


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Oshaun - Digress (Official Video)

After the release of 2Day was 2mrW, GSX Music’s Oshaun continues his #EverythingO series with a new record entitled ‘Digress ‘. From 9th Wonder’s A Glimmer, we see Oshaun talking about what he plans to do along with the GSX team as well, and doing what most mc’s wont admit to doing - which is to «… Continue

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GSX Music: 2Day was 2mrW (Mixtape)

GSX Music's Oshaun, Staasia Daniels and Xpress release a new project of music from the string of videos they've released as well as some unreleased goodness for your ears. Check out the link and be sure to download.



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Oshaun ft. Staasia Daniels "R.I.D.E" (Official Video)

GSX Music releases the visuals for R.I.D.E with Oshaun featuring Staasia and produced by Xpress. Shot by Michael Ofori and Directed by the GSX team. This is to end off your summer. keep on riding and (R)emember (I)t (D)oesnt…


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Oshaun - Elle Eh (Official Video)

Oshaun is back from the Tax Office and is heading straight for the Westcoast to chase the dream. Directed and produced by Xpress. #Odition coming soon.…


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Oshaun x Staasia Daniels x Xpress - Income Tax Return (Official Video)

GSX Music's Oshaun, Staasia Daniels & Xpress are back on your screen this time going over Don Kennedy's Anthem My Type Of Party. Flipping the Hook and the meaning of the record, this might offend some people that have a hard time keepin' it 1 Hunnit. Shot by Miguel Anthony, Edited by Raphael Persaud and Directed by Xpress.…


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Oshaun ft. Staasia Daniels & Xpress - Till I Die Remix (Video)

GSX Music as a whole gets together to commandeer the Chris Brown/Big Sean/Wiz Khalifa banger Till I Die and it gets visual treatment by Rapheal Persaud. You Can find this record apart of a 12 Track little project entitled "2day Was 2mrw" debuting in physical copies at Dundas Square this afternoon and to follow online.…


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Oshaun ft. Staasia Daniels - R.I.D.E (Produced by Xpress)

Oshaun is back (i know people say that all the time lol) with fellow GSX Music'er Staasia Daniels for a laid back, chillin vibe for the summer months. The Track is entitled R.I.D.E (Remember It Doesnt End) and is produced by Xpress.…


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Oshaun gets Staasia Daniels on "Scare Tactics Season 5 Episode 5"(Video)

GSX Music's Staasia Daniels gets spooked by fellow artist Oshaun on MTV/Much Music's Hit TV Series Scare Tactics in the latest Episode from Season 5. There is so many funny moments, especially "Im From Church" lol. Enjoy This one…


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Oshaun & Staasia Daniels Performing @ Windsor Sports Weekend 2012

And here is a flyer confirming their appearance at the yearly event. Make sure you get your tickets. They go up on Friday. Message this homie from Fusion Entertainment



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Shit Toronto Artists Say (Video)

Following the current crazy SHIT People say, Toronto Artist/Producer GMF hooks up with GSX Music's Oshaun, Xpress and Staasia Daniels for a rendition of something they deal with...pretty much on the daily..things that Artists say! Its long but you'll see why lol. And remember we're also making fun of ourselves so don't get your panties in a wad.…


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Oshaun (Formerly Ohshawn) - The Situation (Produced by Xpress) [Video]

Oshaun releases his latest video, the second directed by Customatic and it is produced by GSX Music's in House Producer Xpress. Check it out you will not be dissapointed. #everythangO

#gsxmusic #thesituation NEW SPELLING SAME NIGGA @OfficialOshaun…


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