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Goodman League vs. Melo League exhibition in Baltimore | LeBron James, Kevin Durant

Highlights from an… Continue

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ITS OVER!!! Shaq Announces Retirement

BOSTON (AP) -- He was a prolific producer of rebounds and record albums. And nicknames, too, as if at 7-foot-1 and 350 pounds he was too big for the simple "Shaq" that made him an instantly recognizable, one-name star in all of his endeavors.…


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Bye Bye Memphis! You Tried Hard This Year: OKC Takes Game 7 over Grizzlies

OKC wins Game 7, 105-90

Kevin Durant scores 39 points and Russell Westbrook adds a triple-double to lead the Thunder to a 105-90 win over the Grizzlies, advancing to the Western Conference…


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Are You Ready Heat vs Bulls Game 1



I am too Ready for this game as a matter of fact The World is ready for this lets get it in on Who are you going for Bulls vs Heat! Rose vs Lebron/Wade/Bosh :) 8:00pm.... If you are wondering where I am I am glued to the tv baby....…


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GoodBye New York!!!! Knicks Swept Out Early 0-4 By Boston

Boston wins Game 4, 101-89

  • Kevin Garnett scored 26 points in the Celtics' 101-89 series-clinching win over the Knicks. 'Melo led New York with 32…

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Dwight Howard "Pause" After Saying Andrew Bynum is Very Long

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(O)hshawn's Black History Acknowledgment: Wilt Chamberlin #18

Born: August 21, 1936

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: October 12,…


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Carmelo Anthony TRADED???????????????????????

The New York Knicks have acquired Carmelo Anthony, league sources told ESPN The Magazine's senior writer Chris Broussard on Monday night.

League sources also told Broussard that none of…


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Kobe Bryant is, "The Black Mamba". Directed by Robert Rodriguez

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Raptors Slap Up Pistons AGAIN!!

Is this a little roll the Raptors are on. I don't know but if they can some how some way keep this energy up and this style of play maybe just maybe we can be in the play offs this year..... lets go… Continue

Added by Joey Black on December 27, 2009 at 10:00pm — 2 Comments

RAPTORS BLOW OUT PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This team hasnt won in Detriot since 2003 DAMNNNNNNNNNNN... That is a long time check out the highlights.....

Keep it up Raptors I swear keep this shit… Continue

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This piece is from

PHILADELPHIA -- Allen Iverson broke down just two minutes into his opening statement to the media at his introductory press conference with the Sixers Thursday evening.

In attempting to describe his relationship with the fans of this city and the opportunity he has to play in front of them again, Iverson was brought to tears.

"The relationship that I have with these fans is like no… Continue

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Guess Who's Back,and im not just Talking Practice!

After a (very) brief retirement, Allen Iverson has made two returns: one to the NBA and the second, to the team who drafted him. The 2001 MVP, Allen Iverson is set to rejoin the team and expected to make his debut Monday against (ironically) another former team, the Denver Nuggets. Iverson was offered a 1-year, non-guaranteed contract and should they guarantee his contract (the deadline is January 10th), they would owe him just under…

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New Jersey Nets Tie The Worst Start In NBA History

0-17???? Thats so pathetic.

* * * * *

This makes me proud of the raptors` 7-11 start lol.
But I still feel the raptors will improve drastically at some point
What do yall think????

Added by Mook on December 1, 2009 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Pierce Slams on Bosh!

This guy kicked him right or hit Bosh somewhere right or did he really just plumit to the ground???

Yall tell… Continue

Added by Joey Black on November 27, 2009 at 11:47pm — No Comments

Iverson addresses retirement in letter to fans

I would like to announce my plans to retire from the National Basketball Association. I always thought that when I left the game, it would be because I couldn't help my team the way that I was accustomed to. However, that is not the case.

I still have tremendous love for the game, the desire to play, and a whole lot left in my tank. I feel strongly that I can still compete at the highest level.

Stepping away from the game… Continue

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Raps vs. Cavs Highlights

Only because I couldn't believe it... mind you the cavs only shot 35% or something, that ain't happening every night... but regardless a win is a… Continue

Added by Pesh on October 29, 2009 at 9:05am — 2 Comments

Iverson finally has a home...... in Memphis

For all my sports head people in case you didnt know what was going on in the NBA in case you missed out The answer has signed with the Memphis Grizzles. Iverson has his number 3 and he is looking forward to this season and hopefully finishing his career with this team . My Goodness this upcoming season is gonna be LIVE... nba Live.... ya boy Joeyblack giving yall that crack.... take it… Continue

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