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WhoisCelyaMirians????? All I can Say is DAMNNNNN!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman you need to get ready for this Exotic Entertainer who is planing to take over the whole GTA. Stay tuned for her feature coming soon to in the mean time take in the video and try to keep your mouth closed! I couldnt lol. (O)

Follow her too on twitter: @CelyaMirians…


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Vote 4 The Beautiful Leidy Sanchez NOW NUMBER 12!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman ya boy Ohshawn needs you to do something for him today and for the next few days. Click Leidy and vote for my home girl…


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WhoisStaceyBanks? The Italian, Native, African American BombShell...

The Wait is over..... is proud to welcome Stacey Banks to our world and to display her to everyone who visits…


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WhoisAshleyG? Well Wouldn't You Like 2 Know :)

Ladies and Gentleman its time to stop what ever it is you was doing and pay close attention. RIGHT NOW! The next beautiful model that is bringing right to your pc your laptop…


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WhoIsMoneyMonroe??? "Well if You ain't Bout Your Business She ain't giving you no time!"

Finally, we back in the building people its ya boy Joey Black bringing you the first new hot model of 2010 to the site and trust me after checking out what she got you know she gets it in real major. This young ambitious girl is puttin' in work for Canadian black models and there ain't no body going to stop her from reaching the top of the chain. Ya dig? Ladies and Gentlemen, dimes and homies let me introduce to you the talented, the beautiful… Continue

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Images of a Sexy Christmas lol.....

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WhoIsChristinaZ?? From Home Girl to Wifey She Will Mealt Your Heart Away!!

Hey whats going on world you know who it is, its ya boy Joey Black back again to introduce ya'll to another hot mama to This time we are bringing you the 5'5 bomb shell Christina Z. Oh my my!! This young lady has accomplished a lot in her young career from the young age of 17 as a professional model, ranging from importfests, music videos, calenders, ads and countless TV spots. She loves what she does and although she is a… Continue

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WhoIsNatalieGauvrea?? The Model, The Actress, The Hot Sagittarius!!

Hey whats going on world. I hope everyone is doing good today. Well you know its ya boy bring you yet again another hot young model to This time we are bring you the 5'5 sexy blonde named Natalie Gauvrea. This girl is a very interesting young lady as she continues to pursue her career in modeling and acting. She loves the color pink, loves to eat pizza and just like me hates bad breath. (LoL) Feel free to take this opportunity to… Continue

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JUZD Product Model " VERONIKA LONDON " - The Megan Fox Of Hollywood North

Hey whats going on again world. Its Mr. Oh reporting for duty bringing you yet again another sexy model to the world. This time we are honored to introduce to you the Megan Fox of Hollywood North. She is the beautiful, the talented, the Mexico City born, Toronto raised Latin "Femme Fatale" Ms. Veronika London. This young model/actress is tearing up the game right now: having a spread with Maxim, playing the leading lady in music… Continue

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WhoIsHavyJaf? DAMN She Good!!!!!!

Hey what's poppin yall... You know I gotta bring u this fire like I always do and I am going to start by talking about this fine young lady named Havy Jaf.This is just a taste of this up and coming model from the who is coming up in the game right now and she causing some damage just take a look at the video. She is beautiful, she knows what she wants and she is on her way in going for it right now. Her photos is going to be up on the site yall aint ready for that… Continue

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