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2 Chainz – Riot (Remix) Feat. 50 Cent

Curris Jack hops on the 2 Chain riot starter for the DJ Drama mixtape dropping middle of the month.

50 should definitely not overlook going over beats in this…


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LoveRance – ‘Up!’ (Feat. 50 Cent) (Official Version)

Here go the Official version of the video and the version which indeed does feature Curtis James Jackson…

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50 Cent – Street King Energy Track 8

50 Cent strikes gold with this new record from his street King series. I mean to post earlier but the Ohshawn performances this weekend had the crew

occupied. Enjoy!…


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50 Cent - Street King Energy Track #7

50 drops a new record after his UN thang. Check out 50 at what he does best.…


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50 Cent Promises New Album By November, Features Dr. Dre

50 Cent says his next album is nearly complete, and fans can count on a few appearances from the Good Doctor


Although 50 Cent's souring relationship with his record label Interscope may have seemingly railroaded the release of his latest album, 50 says that hasn't kept him from…


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50 Cent, Kanye West Collaboration Delayed By Watch The Throne

'I don't know if it will actually happen during this period,' 50 says of plans to work with Kanye.

Will he or won't he? After taking to Twitter to say he will not release another album, 50 Cent has many wondering about the fate of his upcoming, untitled fifth LP. One thing is for sure,… Continue

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50 Cent – ‘I’m On It’

The New Cataracs produced Pifty Shent joint with no tags.


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50 Cent - Outlaw

Fifty Cent is back with his new single finally that he promised over 3 weeks ago.He spoke to flex earlier about Interscope being to far behind in the release of his project and specifics about it,but he seems to be going ahead with it.This one is entitled Outlaw and is produced by Cardiak who is responsible for Banks'Start It Up,Wale's 600 Benz and Loso's Hear Me Though.Check it out!…


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Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 Cent – Right There (Video)

The Kid 50 Cent is back on a feature with Nicole " i will not spell her name lol ".Enjoy her new single video courtesy of vevo.…


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Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 Cent - Right There

Once again this is not the new single 50 was reffering to, However this is the new single

from former Pussycat that they are making a video for and you probably saw the 

the Behind the scenes. 50 is really giving features eh lol. alright do your thang!

P.s Coming to Radio…


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David Guetta – Party & Bullshit (feat. 50 Cent)

This is not the first single from 50's latest Album,rather its

a cut from Jesus David Guetta's album.

Download(Rlght Click and…


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50 Cent Calls into Hot 97, CEO of WSHH shortly after(Audio)

If you've been following this story like we have,your heart probably stopped

for a while,well the scope has changed a bit so just listen below lol.

Here is some more as 50 Called in to Hot 97 and stirred some more shit up

confirming he was behind the shut down...sort of..



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New Music? Am I Dreaming? Eminem (Feat. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent & Cashis, Stat Quo) - Syllables

Take it In!!!…

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50 Cent Interview With D.J Semtext!!

50 CENT - THE BEST OF 2009 from DJ SEMTEX on Vimeo.

Check out the best of 50 cent 2009 as he discusses the Jayz and Beans beef, Game, Ja Rule and many hot topics that only 50 can discuss!!Get it in… Continue

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50 cent NEW INTERVIEW : Talks about Reunion on his next video and rumors on CIARA

Check this one out the boy 50 is real interesting in these radio interviews shout out to lets get in… Continue

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50 Cent & Beanie Sigel on Power 99

Visuals from the interview they both had... there's two parts to it so hit the jump for the 2nd of the two. Check 50's fitted, definitely rude, but I wonder why b/c he it's usually a NY one.. food for thought lol…


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50 Snaps

Fiddy talking about the Triple C's album sales, which is pretty dismal, but I still like… Continue

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Rick Ross - Baby By Me (Remix)

Ross the Boss does a remix to Curtis' single off of Before I Self Destruct, and it still includes verses from 50. Click here to download/listen.

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50 Cent - Baby By Me (ft. Ne-Yo) Starring Kelly Rowland

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50 Cent - Untitled [Snippet]

Not only does dukes get his album leaked, but also a song that didn't make it on the album or anything for that matter. It's only the beginning of the track, I think the hook of it, sounds pretty illy, hope the whole thing comes out soon though. Take it for what it is - click here for the download/listen.

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