Vanessa O.

Name:Vanessa O...Call me Miss Vanessa O
Sign: Aries
Height: 5'8

Interests: Modeling, Acting, Playing Sports (especially volleyball), Designing outfits, Shopping.

Likes: Music (BEYONCE), traveling, eating tasty gourmets, Being creative when it comes to style

Dislikes: Rabbits (It's my phobia) Goals: To be very successful in life and to one day own my a fashion clothing line.

Talents: Modeling, Acting, Designing

Types of modeling you have done: I have done everything like Music Videos, Runway, Print(cd/flyers/magazine covers) and Commercials.

Favourite Artists: Beyonce. I must say that girl is a big inspiration to me.

Watch out for Belly's New Video featuring Vanessa O,dropping Here!

Videos Appereances:
Belly feat Snoop Dogg- Hot girl
Duane starr feat famous - Wanna taste
Page- Get loose
P reign - Money in my pocket
Darryl Riley feat Beenie man and Fito blanko - Tear it up
Harvey Stripes feat Max B - P.A.I.D

Make sure you check out her sites:
Twitter Profile Page

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