Tracy Obonna

Name: Tracy Aka Nigerian Bombshell

Height: 5”7

Measurements: 36B-26-42

Astrological sign: Aquarius

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Nigerian

Bio: Hello my name is Tracy Obonna I’m a model, actress, professional dancer and grad student. I was born in Washington DC. I was born to two Nigerian parents. I have three sisters and two brothers. I was raised in Toronto Canada. I love sports and received a scholarship to play D1 volleyball in America. I started modelling about two years ago and loved it ever since. I graduated from the University of Albany in New York with a degree in Business and Theatre. Currently, I’m living in Miami Florida. I'm attending Grad School studying to receive a Master’s degree, MBA in finance and global management. After I receive my MBA it’s either my PHD or Law school ...the sky’s the limit and the possibilities are endless!

How did you find your transition from Toronto to Miami?: Well, I must admit I was scared moving down to South Florida. But it is for a good cause. My education means the world to me and the entertainment aspect of my life means a lot as well. It’s all about balance and programming yourself. Staying positive and always finding new ways to keep you motivated. Stay away from those negative ass haters they just stink up your drive. Also the one thing I loved about moving out here was moving into my beautiful condo! I’ve never lived in something like this before, I wake up to paradise. But this only propels and motivates me to want more and to keep up the hard work so I can upgrade some more. I thank God everyday for my blessings.

Interests: I Love working out, reading, travelling, shopping. Oh and I absolutely love watching old movies from the 1970s and shit I get inspired by their fashions, the music etc.

Appearances on print and web that you have been featured in: Gorgeous magazine, Tearsheets Magazine.

Favourite food/drink: Jerk Chicken and basically any type of food with chicken in it. Strawberry daiquiri

What you look for in a guy: Someone that is very driven and very confident and ready to spoil the hell out of me!

Turn ons: Money, Sexy shoes, champagne and chocolate.

Turn offs: Negative people, and slackers.

Favourite music/artists & Movies: I love all types of music but mostly hip hop and rap but my favourite artists are Beyonce and Rick Ross. Favourite movie of all time is Mahogany 1975 Staring Diana Ross, it’s a classic

My biggest break: Last month I got a great role in a Rick Ross and Masspike Miles video Nasty. It was great working with the whole Maybach Fam. Had such a blast on set

Last words: make sure you guys keep posted and updated with me I’m in a brand new city filled with brand new adventures so check out my site and follow me on twitter







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